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Walking Dead for Game Of the Year.

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If it doesn't win, then all faith in Humanity is lost.
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  • Willzy123;743535 said:
    If it doesn't win, then all faith in Humanity is lost.
    So true brother, so true.
  • Of course it won't. Its not a AAA sequel with a big publisher behind it who can look at the journalists and go "say, these are nice preview copies and events for 2013 we have here... it'd be a shame if something happened to your invite..."

    When Mass Effect 3 wins GOTY in GameInformer because of "the culmination of all your choices over five years" in the first sentence you know having faith is utterly wasted.
  • Absolutely not.

    Dishonored alone takes TWD to the cleaners.
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  • Yes, well, people who judge games based on what they "heard".
  • I honestly think that this game has the best story ever in a video game but it's not the best overall. It's just a point and click adventure.
  • "In the end, the money always win" Molly's adaptation
  • TWD's story trumps any game in existence that's come out this year, no question.

    Sure the gameplay isn't anything to call home about, but that's not what you should be playing it for.

    I'm currently playing Dishonored and Assassin's Creed 3 and i love them both, but they severely lack the emotional involvement the Walking Dead gives, and the enjoyment i get out of caring for the characters and story is far more than sneaking around stabbing people or gunning down armies.

    I don't think it will win because the other titles are simply "bigger", but i think it will at least win the voice over categories and be a good competitor in the others.
  • TWD may be a great "story", but it's not a great "game".

    And it's "game" of the year. You can't award that on plot alone.

    For awards with "Best Story/Script/Acting" categories, TWD should be all over those.

    But to say no one made a better "game" in 2012 is ludicrous.
  • sorry but the truth is TWD is not GOTY.

    great story but it's a basic point and a click w/o any real note worthy game play
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