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Episode 4 progress not saving (Xbox 360)

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Anyone have issues with episoode 4 data either not saving or being erased? I'm going through hell trying to start off from my last save point in episode 4. I've had such a hard time this last week recovering episode 4 period. I found a fix on tell Tales's forum but now I see episode 4, I see the "continue" button but it starts me off from the beginning of episode 4 for no reason other than to p*** me off. I feel like the only remedy at this point is to play the whole episode over and finish it entirely in one seating. Otherwise it'll do the same. Anyone? Help!:mad:
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  • Does the same here but starts me at episode 1. Then that becomes my latest save data. I have been trying to play it through in one sitting but it's really hard since it takes a while and I have stuff to do. This is real poor development by telltale.
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