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What the heck!? Ep. 5 deleted my save data!?!?

posted by crazyfellow1 on - last edited - Viewed by 289 users
I really like the Walking Dead game, and today is the first time since ep.5 came out that I actually have time to play it. So I bought it off xbox live and when I went into the game to play it, it said "ep. 5 coming soon" which is weird since it let me buy and download it. So I downloaded it again and it finally gave me the option to "play now", but it started ep. 1, not five. So I went to the main menu and it now says "game one: episode 1"! What the heck! Did it delete all my game data!?! Help!!!

Edit: the save data screen used to read "game one: episode 4"
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  • Same happened to me with episode 4. Started to play and the game goes to episode 1 and over writes the episode 3 save to episode 1. There appear to be some fixes but I can't confirm. I'm very upset given the emotional and time investment. I will try and play episode 4 with random choices which appearently can help fix the file. Still nothing is clear.
  • Same here - such a shame when you get so attached to the game, only for it to screw you over on the final episode.
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