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Gifting a game?

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This is similar to another thread, but I thought I'd make a new one since this is a slightly different situation.

I'd like to buy The Walking Dead as gift for the holidays. I haven't purchased it yet at all, but I have watched plays of it on youtube and just know that my sister would be into it. Is there an easy way to gift the game, or should I just register a new account for my sister, buy the game under her account, and then give her the account credentials? And if so, would there be a reliable way to remove payment details without erasing the receipt code/entry?

Also, will telltale support gift codes in the future? You have a lot of great games that are popular with Let's Players on youtube. I'm sure there are other people like me that would like to gift the games to friends and family if there was a more straightforward way to do so; similar to the gift code system used by other sites like the humble indie bundle.

Cheers, and thanks for your time.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Either way you'd like to do it would work. If you provide your sister's email address, I can transfer the game to her account after you buy it. If you've already registered her account, then you can provide her with the details. If you have not, the process is slightly more complicated. Please send me a PM with your details (order number, email address, name) and her email address, and what route you'd prefer to go and I can take care of it.
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