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Adventure Bundle 2010 - King's Quest Collection - NSIS Error During Installation

posted by The Gentleman on - last edited - Viewed by 568 users
I recently decided to reinstall this, because why not? But I get an error when I try to install the King's Quest Collection.

However, after downloading it, I got this message when trying to install it:
Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy.
Is there a work-around for this? I'd really like to be able to play the King's Quest games without paying for a new copy.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Here's what I posted a long time ago in another thread. Hope it helps.
    Macfly77;500679 said:
    There are a few other threads that talk about NSIS errors with The Adventure Bundle.
    One suggests running the game as administrator.
    Another one offers repair files.
    Another one offers various solutions including direct links to download the individual games from the bundle.
    If you don't find what you need in those, just do an advanced search of the forums for the word NSIS (it brings more results than just NSIS errors in the adventure bundle, but the thread titles usually help you sort through the results pretty quickly).
  • Thank you very much, that helped immensely.

    I just finished King's Quest 1, and I look forward to playing through the rest.
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