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If it's alright with telltale

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Firstly, if any of the devs happen to see this; exquisite work, a thoroughly affecting story, it was truly a superb experience. Thank you all.

Now, I finally started TWD last weekend and promptly finished it in 4 days. I have been left with a profound adoration for the story and characters and immediately felt the desire to have something physical to commemorate the experience (I love props and I sculpt so I am just kind of tactile like that) having since seen reproductions of Clementines hat around the net, it seems like the perfect keepsake of my time with TWD.

Since I realised there isn't an official option I have been looking at ordering Clementines ballcap from a custom embroiderer, unfortunately due to the custom nature of the order the company I want to use requires a bulk order of 12 caps, If telltale is cool with the idea of a non official reproduction for the fans, I wanted to offer the remaining spots in the order to forum members if there is enough interest.

The last thing I want to do is step on toes, so I absolutely wanted to float the idea here first in case there is either something else on the way from telltale or another reason they don't want fans custom ordering a bunch of TWD stuff.

One way or the other if the interest is there and we don't hear back from telltale in this thread I will get in touch with someone and get a yea or nay before I go any further.

Thanks for reading
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