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Walking Dead non-release in Australia.

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To Whom ever it may concern ~

I'm a gamer and I own a PS3. I've recently been watching Toby Turner's game commentary on The Walking Dead PC and have been really interested in buying and playing the game. I originally thought that it was only released on PC but after searching I found it on PS3. I was excited of this propect only to come across the devastating articles on the fact that Australia did not see the Walking Dead on the store shelves. I was so dissapointed because I thought this game was a great idea and looked so good to play.

I managed to find out that Tell Tale didn't submit the game due to our OFLC ratings on video games. I then came across an article that told me that the OFLC has confirmed that an R18+ rating for video games January 1 2013. I can only assume that The Walking Dead wasn't submitted due to it's restricted rating so I wanted to ask, if this rating is passed, will TellTale Games reconsider putting forth the plan of having this game released in Australia?

Thankyou for your reply in advance, It would be a great prospect to have The Walking Dead here in Australia, as I've heard alot of people want to experience the game.
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  • As an Australian expatriate I feel your pain, I have been in the US for 5 years now but I remember well that ridiculous ommission from games rating in Australia. I had to set up a region hacked PS2 to import a number of titles I had no access to back in the day.

    Luckily though whether or not telltale want to submit TWD to the Australian market you should very easily be able to pick up a US or European region version of the disc for PS3 and play it in your system. I have a couple of PS3 games from europe and as long as english is a language option, you won't notice any difference.

    If that's what you want to do you should easily be able to find a US copy online that will ship to Australia, if for some reason though you can't sort it out, send me a PM, good luck!
  • I'm Aussie too, I got it on PC.. But don't stress too much, they are creating an R18+ ratings for games in late January. They've made the bill and it has been approved, they just have to wait for it to pass through legislation I believe. So you will be able to play it on xbox360 and PS3, it's just a matter of time now. Especially since it just won GOTY! :)
  • Well, I'm a Canadian expat in Aus and I've had no problems playing the game on PC. Not sure why the PS3 platform has issues.
  • chaz99;745745 said:
    Well, I'm a Canadian expat in Aus and I've had no problems playing the game on PC. Not sure why the PS3 platform has issues.
    Because you haven't done research, perhaps that's why you're unsure. OP does a bad job at conveying his/her point and has a few things twisted...

    If you go to this thread here... and look for bryans post you will find out he was the guy in charge of classifications and after a sob story to save face says that 'we are on their radars' whether that meant they knew we were butt sore over it all or were hinting we'd get the game eventually remains to be seen.

    I'm still waiting as well OP and I have been since before the launch of episode 1 and it sucks to be us, I know your pain.
  • If you don't like to wait you could always buy the US PS3 retail release from Amazon or Play Asia.
  • Noble 1;751088 said:
    I love how the price is $78, even though it s $30 in America, which works out at $28.80 Australian.. Yes charges those idiots in Australia an extra $50 for no reason, they won't know any better.
  • Wow those prices are sickening.
  • Hmmm, yeah I am still waiting for it over in New Zealand even though we have had an R18 rating for as long as I can remember. Even though I am going to buy it for the PC anyway I was a little like screw you guys if you're not going to support our country :P Although I did come to the forums to ask since all five games were out were they going to put them through as a single game now. But I guess if Aussie are getting their 18+ it'll just wait for that :D.
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