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How many of you high-fived Duck in Episode 3?

posted by Sean A Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 3.1K users
Hey guys! There's a huge contingent of folks here at Telltale that have been wondering something since we released Episode 3: Who high-fived Duck, and who left him hanging?

Sadly this is something we never tracked, and I figured an informal poll in celebration of our VGA wins (thanks everybody that voted! Seriously, you guys are the best!) was in order.

So tell us!
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  • I certainly did, without hesitation!

    I made the choice to save Duck in the beginning, (I thought maybe If I could get him off the tractor I could save Shawn. . . It was an innocent time, before I had been burdened with the consequences of my decisions) and ever since then I kind of felt the need to treat him with compassion, I defended him at the Pharmacy and he was the first one I fed after Clem in Episode 2, I always tried to be nice to Duck, So when he was actually genuinely helpful during the mystery, I couldn't turn it down, it's a shitty situation after all and as an adult it's Lee's responsibility to make it as good for the kids as possible.

    I was actually really glad you guys put that in the game, it gave me a good smile, which was rare in Episode 3.
  • I really liked the guy when I noticed that he liked Batman. To tell the truth, I didn't actually didn't know that there was a choice NOT to high-five him.
  • he said i could be batman how could i not high-five him :)
  • You guys didn't track that?? :O
    I just had to hi-five Duck, I couldn't leave him hanging. :P
  • Definitely high fived him! He did point out the chalk scruff and the possiblity of the 'X' being a message.
  • Of course I high-fived Duck. He was a good kid and cheered me up, even if he was a bit daft sometimes.
  • That wasn't a choice, it was an obligation. :P Hell Yea i high fived him without second thought!
  • "Holy High-Fives Batman!"

    Ofcourse I did. Little Duck makes an awesome Robin.
  • G1orkatsos;744924 said:
    That wasn't a choice, it was an obligation.
    Exactly! I love Duck. He's a great kid. :D
  • I was Batman and he was Robin. How could I not?
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