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Getting sent back to EP1 once I start EP3?

posted by Exar0s on - last edited - Viewed by 223 users
I purchased Episode 1 after seeing all the awards won at the VGA's. I played Episode 1 and loved it. Bought episode 2 and again loved it. So I backed out of the game after completion of EP2 and downloaded EP3-5. When I entered the game again I clicked on my original save that just finished EP2. Here is where the problem begins.

I start EP3 and it loads EP1 at the beginning? I dashboard out and load the save again. I'm able to see my "stats" for EP1 and EP2 but it will not let me rewind EP2 for some reason. Like I didn't play it? So I start EP3 again and it takes me back to EP1 . . . .

Anyone have an idea? or will I need to restart :mad:

This is kinda discouraging seeing as how I spent the majority of my day playing EP1-2 just for this ti happen.
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  • Welcome to the club. TTG is doing their best to imidate EA/Activision. They strive for awards since that gets them massive amounts of revenue. They pat themselves on the back for the praise and adoration of fans who were able to play their game without game-breaking glitches. And of course they have a no refund policy.

    Problems affecting individual gamers are pretty much off their radar (as they have been since EP2 was released).

    In case you're wondering there is a poll to see how many gamers were affected.

    Obviously a large portion of people who played the game with no problems would have no motive to vote. But there's a rather large audience of people who have had the glitch you encountered.
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