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Walking Dead - Mac - Exchange Plausible?

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As most people who have played the Walking Dead on Mac know, the game is nearly unplayable. Well in my case completely unplayable. I have been unable to continue anywhere past Episode 2 because for whatever reason Episode 3 stays at a black screen for hours on end. Then while reading another forum I copied and pasted the prefs.props file into the steam directory for the Walking Dead, and much to my chagrin it deleted my save file. I would be more upset but the game has deleted my saves for no reason on several occasions. And when the game does work it is very buggy, laggy, freezes, shuts down etc. Which is a shame because the game is loads of fun. However, I have not found a fix which allows me to play through 3 episodes with my save file, much-less all 5. I have a request. Seeing as I have an Xbox could I get a hard copy sent to me or something? Like the disc with 5 episodes preloaded onto it. I did buy the game on steam rightfully, and in its current state it is unplayable, and the telltale support is very frustrating. Can I either get a working fix for Mac or just a hard copy for Xbox. I realize this may be a ridiculous suggestion, but I paid for the game, and from my point of view I paid for a broken game that I won't/can't play properly. Effectively, I wasted my money, and am looking for some kind of action on your part. Otherwise, I guess I've been ripped off.

Thanks for reading.
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  • More like thanks for not reading.
  • Yes we've been robbed. I've actually tried for an embarrassing amount of hours to play the game both on my mac and PC which are both quite powerful computers capable of handling intense sound production software, yet the game is broken on both.

    If a whole bunch of people who have been ripped off by Telltale grouped together to take them to court over this it might actually be worth our while. It's clearly stealing our money to gain our trust, sell us something that doesn't work then not offer any of the support that is implied to be here.
  • I'd really like telltale to take some action. It's just disappointing for a game to be so broken without the developers doing anything. Not even an apology or anything. Really, really poor support by telltale.
  • I fully agree with this thread. I have it on Mac too and it seems like it would be a great game but I wouldn't know because the bloody thing is so damned glitchy. I paid my money through Steam in good faith and I feel that they have not honoured their end of the deal by providing a product that actually works.
    I wish I knew beforehand how buggy the game would be on Mac, I would just have purchased it on PS3 instead.
    They need to get a patch out fast, or failing that offer the product for free on a different platform or a full refund. The current situation is unacceptable.
  • I'm glad there's at least a few people who agree with me. I read around a couple other threads and apparently Apple is refunding those who bought the game for an iPad/iPhone, and were experiencing glitches and bugs. If only telltale would learn a few things from Apple...
  • Hey folks

    Yes, the game has massive bugs, I am as frustrated as you. :(

    My only suggestion is you contact support


    I've asked and suggest you ask the same:
    • Are there bugs filed against the issues I've reported?

    • Is there a patch being planned to increase the stability of the game and repair these issues?

    • Do you have any workarounds for the issues I've reported?
  • I emailed support a week ago and have yet to get a response. Let me know if they ever get back to you with answers to your questions, I'd certainly love to know them.
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