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S&M s3 e5 spoiler. Ending. What's going on?

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Max dies and comes back alive. Exactly how does this happen? I remember something about a time machine in past seasons but how is this relevant? How does max know the exact time and space to warp to? It has been some time since previous seasons so I am rusty.

Also what's the big deal of everyone dying in tt games?

Morgan leflay

It is not the same as lucasarts mixing alcohol and medicine together in monkey 3
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  • In Season 2 Sam and Max travel back in time and meet themselves, only the past selves steal their time machine. That's where the "new" Max comes from. (Anyway, he's already died once or twice in the comic strip)
  • Ok, so if past max has the time machine, how does he know that real-time max needs replacing?
  • You're not supposed to be reading that much into a Sam & Max story. :) But let's just say that because that Max lost his Sam in the same way, he decided to go looking for the other Sam that was left behind. Time paradoxes defy logic.
  • Are you suggesting something may happen that we don't know about? It seems fair but I'm not happy about it. I get that the Sam and max universe is nuts and that's cool. But max existing doesn't fit the nonsense. They're probably gonna explain in season 4. I should point out I'm waiting for Morgan leflay return in tales of mi 2. It's not good story telling nor a cliffhanger. It's just a pain in the Sybil.

    On a side note, does anyone know what Sybil, er, poops? :rolleyes:
  • Maybe time paradox Max went to the future in the time machine found out that the original Max died and worked out the time of death to go to.
  • Hee Ho Ho wrote: »
    Ok, so if past max has the time machine, how does he know that real-time max needs replacing?

    When the other Sam & Max stole the time machine, they created a parallel universe and went on their own set of adventures. In that universe it was Sam who inherited the Toys of Power and died at the end, so when parallel Max meets our Sam at the end of TDP they've both recently lost their partner. Reunited in a sense, these two team up and set off to go on another whole new set of adventures together. Follow?
  • it's all speculation not very good. in my opinion. i want to know what happens about morgan in tales. is that going to happen? not likely

    it reminds me of ubisoft. they just can't kill off the assassin's creed series. 1 story across 5 games and at the end of assassin's creed 3, i still have no idea what's going on.
  • Hee Ho Ho wrote: »
    it's all speculation not very good. in my opinion.

    It's actually not speculation. Max flat out says it. (Jump to about 4.40 in that video and watch to about 5.30.)
    Hee Ho Ho wrote: »
    i want to know what happens about morgan in tales. is that going to happen? not likely

    Yeah, it's a long shot that we'll ever see a Tales 2.
  • ok cool, so in a parallel universe, it is sam.

    then max time warps conveniently. is he that smart? sam is the smart one. max wouldn't know how to, for example, operate a time machine. right? besides, doesn't that time machine work by having cards connected to the place? i.e. how did max get the card?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Max would technicaly not be traveling through time using the elevator, but jumping through alternate timelines or dimensions, which is what makes absolutely no sense. None of it makes sense. You probably have to just roll with it.

    Season One Sam & Max steal the time machine from Season Two Sam & Max in episode 204, Chariots of the Dogs. You never see what happens to the Season One doppelgangers after that. Apparently they end up on their own timeline having their own surprisingly similar but mirrored adventures, where Sam starts having crazy problems (apparently involving electromagnitism?) and becomes a giant monster at the end who Max has to take part in destroying. Presumably this is happening at the exact same time as we're seeing Max become a crazy psychic monster who Sam has to destroy, but on another timeline. The alternate timeline Max has the Mariachi's elevator though so he is able to... somehow (??) travel to our Sam, where the two can reunite having just lost and rediscovered their best friend.

    Explanation I am making up right now: I imagine that Max somehow jumped backwards in time to before the precipitating event which forked the timelines, and then jumped forward from there until he found Sam alone. Maybe. That probably didn't happen, though.
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