Direct3D Error in CSI game

Hi Folks,

my dad was trying to play a demo of one of the CSI games and it didn't work due to the error message "couldn not initialize Direct3D..." blabla, so he asked me to see if I can do something about it. This error message actually came up on two separate demos ("deadly intent", "fatal conspiracy").
So after unsuccessfully searching for solutions online (telltale support, ubisoft support, other forums) I just now managed to get it running, so for anyone who has the same error, try this:

There is a registry key under
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Telltale Games\%CSI-game-name%"
(%CSI-game-name% in my case was CSI6demo.exe, might vary for you)

that apparently has a wrong value.
To fix it you need to enter a correct path to the savegame folder. I assumed this is the one located in the "MyDocuments" folder within the folder named "Telltale Games".
To enter that, run regedit (on WinXP hit start->run, type in regedit) and navigate to the key(folder) mentioned. Then doubleclick the SaveGameFolderName key and paste or type in the path of the savegame folder. The easiest way for me to get the path was to open the folder (mydocuments\telltale games\csi -...\) in the explorer and copy the (full path, meaning "C:\...") path from the address bar.

have fun.
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