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Who's death seemed the worst/most painful?

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Seriously. Some deaths in this game were pretty depressing.
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  • AnnaSan wrote: »
    Maybe he was just scared, or probably his parent's told him to stay up there until they get back.

    *puts flashlight up to face*

    But they never did.
  • But they never did.

    *GASP* :eek:
  • Ben in the belltower, hands down. Whenever I'm watching someone else's LP and they drop him, I pull out my headphones and look away while cursing the LPer in a variety of insulting and creative ways. That's one foolproof way of NOT getting my subscription.
  • CarScar wrote: »
    Usually takes a person three weeks to starve to death (perhaps shorter for Fival because he's so tiny?) and I just assumed he'd ran out of water during like his first week of starvation and died that way. I mean he did die with an empty water bottle by his side and water was probably quite scarce too.

    I'm just being nitpicky though sooooooooooo nvm.

    Well, I'm going off of how withered he was. So withered he couldn't even stand.
  • In my playthrough Kenny. I didn't drop Ben so I don't count his first possible death.
  • Ben's both deaths are the worst ones. I know he doesn't feel much pain right after he gets impaled (Shock), but it was bad.
    marcu5 wrote: »
    there were no zombies in the house. why did the kid stay up there
    Think about how young he was and there were absolutely no-one else in the house. He probably hid from the walkers, because he was scared. Then, you know the rest.
  • Mark. My rreaction seeing him was priceless.
  • Like a lot of other people, I voted for Ben and his broken legs.
    Mark's death is in second position.
  • I'm surprised not even one person has voted for the balcony impaling. It looks like they're going for the slow deaths...
    I surprised hardly anyone has voted for Larry. I helped Kenny, and I wouldn't change that choice, but damn that's gotta be painful, even if you are unconscious.
  • Why isn't Brie on the poll? Her's is pretty nasty....
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