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I know my eyesight is better than this! (Can't really see anything).

posted by Murt Cooney on - last edited - Viewed by 308 users
So I've seen a couple of posts about this already so lets have another one.

I can barely make anything out. Unless the scene is in a brightly lit area during daytime. I can't see any environmental detail, and I can barely even see the characters.

I've tried adjusting the brightness settings on the game and tv but it doesn't help.

This is ruining what would otherwise be an enjoyable game and I feel like a bit of an egjit having already bought the Five episodes when all it is is a man-shaped line running around in the dark while listening to zombies go 'blah!'.
So if anyone could give me suggestions on how to resolve the problem or if that's impossible how to get a refund, I would really appreciate it!
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  • Also I know for sure it's darker than normal because I've checked out some walk-through videos for the 360 and the brightness is fine.

    I know people who are having the exact same problem and we all only got it in the past couple of days.

    So yeah, help n' stuff!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please check your console settings/display settings menu on your xbox to make sure your HDMI Color Space and Reference Levels are configured properly. If you've changed these settings recently, then you may need to change them back.
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