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Issues with Walking Dead disc glitches

posted by DoctorShades24 on - last edited - Viewed by 26K users
Just bought the Walking Dead on disc. This game glitches so much that I cannot play it. I need a work around or I need a refund.
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  • I'm having the same problem. Bought the game today and I cannot even play it. Glitches so much the is no way to get through any quick action scenes.
  • I started playing and noticed some freezing. I got to clementines house and the zombie is completely unfightable. By the time a control icon pops up she has already crawled to me and eaten me. I tried over and over naively thinking it would break out of the glitching but it didn't. WTF
  • I too bought the disc for XBox and am experiencing the same issues that are described above. I want to know what telltale intends to do about this issues considering the game is useless.
  • i bought the game on disc and not to many glitches i have seen its just that i finish episode one and then i try and play episode 2 and it starts me over on episode one wtf idk what to do i need help or there needs to be a patch made for the game on disc
  • I'm having the same problems as you guys. I picked up the game today on disc and its practically unplayable. The only reason I got through the kitchen at Clementine's house was because I spammed the A button. I was expecting to come home and play the game of the year but instead I'm left disappointed.

    Telltale, Please release a patch soon.
  • the game may work better on a flat screen that what i been playing it on and no glitches for me but when i finish the first episode and try and start the second it takes me back to the start of the first episode this other issue needs fixed too
  • I am also playing or attempted to play the game on a flat screen.There is absolutely nothing you can do during the action scenes.
  • I am also playing on a flat screen. The actions scenes just freeze and glitch. I have made it through a few of them by just mashing the button hoping it works and dying a ton. Even when I do make it through I missed part of the scene anyway.
  • i dont get glitches i can make it all the way the first episode just fine but when i click on the second episode it restarts the first episode again idk why it does that i need help they need to make a patch
  • yeah this is really frustrating considering how much I was looking forward too this game.But good to see that TellTale is on top of things.
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