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game is a stuttering unplayable mess

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Just bought the disc version for xbox 360 and its an unplayable mess. Im pissed you ppl even had the stones to charge money for this. Feel cheated out of $30. It basically amounts to hoping i hit the right button while the stuttering catches up. This is crap and will be the last time i buy one of your games unless this is fixed fast.
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  • i havent had the glitches yet i bought the game on disc too my problem is when i finish the first episode and click to play the second episode it will take me all the way back to the start of the first episode so there is many different problems with this game i agree i feel cheated outta 30 dollars too they need to make a patch that fixes these problems
  • same problem as you OP, I was getting so frustrated last night trying to play that I almost threw my controller at the wall. I really wish I could just play this game because everything Ive heard about it sounds great.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    How many storage devices do you have on your Xbox?
    What type of storage devices are they (HDD, flash drive, MMU)?
    How much free space do you have on each storage device (go to your system settings, then storage)?
    Have you installed the Title Update through Xbox Live?
  • How could it be a storage problem. I am convinced u yourself have not put this disc in a system and tried playing it and then you will realize that the solution would have been to never release it on disc yet. Get it right regardless of a deadline. I could have waited longer for a game that actually is a enjoyable gaming experience rather than a hair pulling mess.
  • I gave the Xbox disc version as a gift to a friend tonight. I went over to watch her play it tonight and she began to play the first episode.

    There was quite a lot of stuttering of the normal gameplay (such as in the police car as conversations began) and later as scenes changed to be from Walking Around and interacting to Zombie Action (move cursor over zombie head then press "A") there was way too much stuttering to even be enjoyable, none the less, playable.

    After replaying and replaying the scene of the woman attacking in the kitchen, we just moved the cursor around where we thought it should be and spammed the A button.

    We finally got through that and made it to the farm. Inside the barn talking to Hershel we hear the calamity coming from the fence. The game froze for about 30 seconds as we went outside of the barn with music clips repeating and then as we approached the fence the same thing happened. We were frozen looking at Lee's exasperated expression as music/sound repeated and after about 30 seconds we were finally given a choice to save either boys, but then the ability to choose was over too fast and it decided for us.

    My friend was being nice and playing through but I'd really like to get her a playable copy of the game. I saw on another forum that redownloading the game on XBox Live worked for those who had these issues via the downloadable game, but I can't do that here.

    I'll try to borrow it and try it on my Xbox, but they were running on an Xbox 360 slim, as I too will be testing it on.

    I do think their Xbox was a 4GB model though (I have a 250), and although I tried to install the game to their harddrive using their Xbox Dashboard, I did not seem to be able to.
  • Same thing happened to me... saw it at Best Buy... got excited... bought it... ATTEMPTED to play it. Really disappointed because the lag was terrible, even drove to a friend's to try it on his Xbox... same thing, major lag. $30 is a lot for me and I got ripped off :( Please fix this...
  • The Telltale guy is asking questions trying to help and nobody is answering him on several posts, just complaining. Why is nobody responding to his reply???? I for one am having the same issue, and I saved the game on cloud, with about 200k of free space. I also have a external storage device plugged in with about 10g space. What does the storage unit have to do with the stuttering? I also installed the xbox live update. Please post a response here MattP or should I start a new post since nobody on this forum wants help, just a place to complain.
  • MattP;747330 said:
    How many storage devices do you have on your Xbox?
    What type of storage devices are they (HDD, flash drive, MMU)?
    How much free space do you have on each storage device (go to your system settings, then storage)?
    Have you installed the Title Update through Xbox Live?
    I have 2 storage devices, The hardrive and the cloud. I also have a flash drive. The harddrive has about 526 megabites free. The cloud has 510 mb free and the flashdrive about 2 gb. I installed the title update when I first got the game but it is still laggy and literally unplayable. Continues to jump and freeze and action sequences are impossible to complete. I have not had any trouble with any other game since updating anything either. Hope this helps.
  • I have the 4 gig 360 with like 750 mb left. I installed a small update when I first put the game in.
  • I have just the xbox hardvdrive with over 2 gigs left. Not sure why that matters bec theres no option to install game to hard drive. And yes dled patch. Game looks great. Just angry this stuff wasnt fixed. Doesnt matter how cool all the choices are if it stutters si bad you cant even finish epidode 1.
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