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Unsurprisingly - Saves disappeared.

posted by Wullster on - last edited - Viewed by 266 users
Hi, there,

I have downloaded all the episodes and have now played through the first episode 3 times and the second episode 2 times and my save has disappeared 3 times now. I have looked in "Storage" on my dashboard and there is a file that is labeled as a "Saved Game".

I am a tad annoyed at this stage, truth be told. Earlier today a tramp was actually arrested in my street for asking for 10 pence for nothing. Arrested for 10p. I have given you 2000MSP, worth £17.00 for nothing, and I can't get that back. At least Benny (the tramp) would dance if you gave him a pound. For another pound he would sing.

I have had better entertainment from a tramp. Kudos.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please try logging out and then back into your profile. This will take you back to the Title Screen, where you can select your storage device, and proceed back to the main menu.
  • You have patiently answered my question and given me a solution that works - for that, I thank you.

    I would like to make it clear that the story of Benny the tramp is actually true, my anger and feelings of ill will should be harbored towards a society that allows that to happen, rather than to a company who provides entertainment.

    Please accept my apologies for my facetious initial message.
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