TWD Electric Fence Impossible with Xbox Controller

Not like any TellTale programmers are going to read this, that's real reassuring, relegating every bug report to a forum where registration is required before doing anything.

Anyway, for the most part, my Steam downloaded Walking Dead works great with my equivalent of an Xbox 360 controller plugged in (a PS3 controller with Xbox drivers through Motion in Joy).

My problem came during the finale of Episode 2, where the "antagonist" is pushing me towards the electric fence. In every other button mashing situation I have done fine, but the threshold for this one is way too great for the Xbox controller. Spent a half hour trying to search for another solution. In every YouTube video I searched out, Lilly comes in just in time, but it never happened for me.

I decided to switch to mouse and keyboard, where after some furious mashing of my poor Q button, I was able to hold out long enough for Lee to break free and do some mashing of his own.

This was extremely frustrating and completely interrupted the flow of the game. The controller button-mashing threshold needs to be refined for this specific situation, please, because otherwise, it is impossible, no matter how fast one tries to perform.

Also, occasionally and usually right after a major cutscene, the dialogue options change to the keyboard layout, and pressing any directional button on the controller selects the corresponding dialogue option on accident. It'll switch back to controller right after, though.

Thanks if anyone actually looks at this, the game is amazing.


  • 3 years later and I'd like to add to this. I've come across other threads online that talk about this problem. There certainly is something wrong in the way this bit of the game plays out. This is supposed to be a casual game, it shouldn't require some pro level button smashing. I've been unable to get past this part. Plus the way the scene keeps repeating is frustrating.

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    My apologies, if you are currently stuck on this particular part of the game, can you please clarify if you are using an Xbox Controller, a keyboard, or a different input device? You should be able to complete this particular Quick-Time Event by repeatedly pressing the corresponding on-screen button/key as fast as you can until the next cutscene triggers. If you are unable to complete it due to the difficulty, have you tried changing the input device you are using to complete the QTE as the original poster described?

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    3 years later and I'd like to add to this. I've come across other threads online that talk about this problem. There certainly is

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