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  • SHE'S FAT! /Steiner

    Nah but really she's fine, it's just a bunch of aholes. Remember these are generally the same kinds of kids who get their jollies mocking others over the internet then run crying to reddit about how girls don't like nice guys.

    I don't care for Let's Plays (would rather play the game than watch someone play it lol) but she seems nice.
  • "He's got heart problems! ... OOH YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes!"
  • So when did the forums become help counseling. <_>
  • vanom wrote: »
    So when did the forums become help counseling. <_>
    He doesn't want to hear she isn't fat. It's probably a way to keep her confidence down so she won't leave him. Once she realizes what a great girl she is, she will immediately be on the lookout for someone better :cool:
  • Good playthrough, her reaction to Carley's death is priceless.
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    What should we do?
  • I´ve been watching her videos. I´ve only watched her LPs of TWD and Spec Ops, I love seeing how people react to the hard moments :D. And she´s not fat at all, don´t let anyone tell you or her otherwise ;).
    G.Ross wrote: »
    Can't wait until she gets to my scenes....

    Just out of curiosity, which were your scenes? (I´m too lazy to replay all the episodes and hunt names on the credits :D)
  • Dude, I felt bad for her on the latest episode. I mean I was shocked by Carly's death too, but I didn't cry...I mean I did at the ending, but I was still shocked and saddened by Episode 3.
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    That reaction to Carly...yeah, I feel her feels. So much.
  • Hey guys this is actually Offlimits The Girl From Aus
    I would like to say firstly umm that wasn't my boyfriend that posted that clip... My bf doesn't watch my clips at all lol so I dunno why the guy said that but anyway his heart was in the right place??

    The post however that I'm "fat" is true I've been called that a few times. It started from me posting my first episode of The Walking Dead on steam discussion forum page thing... So a few trolls decided to attack me on my size as I guess they would cause they seem to think that the way to beat down a women is to comment on how fat she is... It did bother me at first cause it was shocking to see but I soon got over it thats just trolls for you

    I found this page from a subscriber of mine and I would love to say that you guys have been absolutely amazing. It was very surreal to find people who hardly know me backing me up and making such nice comments

    Add me on steam just search The Girl From Aus I would love to get to know you more

    Again thank you so much guys I hope you'll continue to join me on my channel I hope for more awesome people like you guys to join our little group :D
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