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  • She's alright. :) If only she didn't split the screen like that,kinda ruins it.


    Actually she's pretty awesome. :D
  • Araron wrote: »
    She's alright. :) If only she didn't split the screen like that,kinda ruins it.


    Actually she's pretty awesome. :D

    Hey Araron I split the screen like that so as not to interfere with the game footage or go over the top of it etc etc

    I've had a few comments like yours and it seems that the way I split the screen is different/original and people are not used to having it like that they normally watch gamers have theyre mug all over it??

    After a while people began to get used to the way I do it... I had thought about doing it "like others do it"

    But when I tried it out it just peeved me off that people might miss little hints (like when lily slighly pulled the gun out)

    So thats my reasoning for doing that

    And thank you for the lovely edit :p
  • My boyfriend wasn't the one that posted the comment that started this whole thread I don't know who it was :/

    That's creepy.
  • I'll second that.
  • Ummm yeah it is a little
    Dunno he didn't do or say anything damaging to about me so I'm not hugely bothered
  • Maybe it was wishful thinking on his part.
  • This is the first time that I've ever spent any time watching someone play video games. It seems like an odd concept, but I find it very interesting to compare my reactions with someone else's as they play through a fantastic game.

    My Lee was sweet on Carly as well and losing her was as devastated as I've ever been while playing a video game. I was caught even more off guard than you were because I didn't see Lily reaching for the gun. :(

    Anyway, you missed a few nice moments at the hotel with Carly. After you go around and tell everyone about your past, if you go back up and talk to Carly again, it's very obvious there is a romance brewing. Also, while you are walking around doing your investigation, there is an option to just look up at Carly. When you do, it shows a close up of her face and she's giving you the googly eyes. :)

    Maybe it's good you missed those parts, as it would have been that much more difficult for you to cope with Carly's death.

    I fucking love this game...
  • Man, her the walking dead ending made me cry!
  • She told me about implementing a new revolutionary feature in her upcoming videos. XD Won't spoil anything though... and go 15 more subs and we get free gamesssssss ;DD
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