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  • You should play Bioshock Infinite :D
  • I intend to mate I have to finish my other series first
    I'm working on Dead Space, Alice Madness, Heavy Rain, Cry Of Fear and I'll be starting Misao or whatever its called
    Along with all these other games like Slender, The Distant Island, The Corridor... One episode games lol
    But I'll defiantly get to it in the next couple months :D
  • Yikes, that's a lot of games to go through. Hopes its no big pressure playing them all.
  • Maybe a little and thats cause I work fulltime and so my two days off a week is filled with recording and stuff
    But I love doing it I love the feedback I get
    The dream is to reach the stage where I can start doing live streams to raise money for charities like cancer research and depression as those are things that have impacted in my life
    I'm slowly getting there by the support of the people that follow me so it'll all be worth what I go through now in the end :)
  • You should play The Cat Lady - great game. Or maybe you shouldn't as it is about depression and suicide and stuff like that - I know from your Walking Dead Playthrough you get annoyed by that stuff.
  • I don't get annoyed... Just hurts I guess
    But I will have a look at it thank you lol :)
  • You know this game is powerful stuff when a youtuber has to come on these forums for relief ^_^
  • Lol I'm not a YouTuber... And I only started out on these forums cause someone posted claiming to be my boyfriend (he wasn't hes some random from germany??) saying that people said I was fat and I wasn't fat and check her channel on YouTube lol
    Reason why I come back all the time now is cause everyone here is so awesome and really positive :)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    hes some random from germany??

    Exactly that. I apologize for my countryman. :(
  • Funny how many of you even bother to reply to the fat comment. lol
    Love her reactions, just wish wish, she would chat less to herself during the games lol
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