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  • Carley.

    It was a cheek shot, man, a cheek shot! For realz!!!!
  • DreadMagus;748059 said:

    It was a cheek shot, man, a cheek shot! For realz!!!!
    Haha. I really wish it was a cheek shot.
  • I agree about Lee, he was awesome. But since I technically can't save myself, it would either be Kenny. Even though we often came up against each other, he was the character who I had the greatest bond with, after Clem. He was there from day one (well, day two, but you know what I mean), the only character besides Clem who we can say that about. Losing so many characters in episode 3 made me grab on to that bond even more, so losing him too was definitely the worst.
  • Ben! The kid didn't deserve the things that happened to him, and I think he should've got a second chance.
  • Oh I added a poll so go ahead and vote guys. Ben is a bitch.
  • Carley.

    Lily went to Woodbury, doesn't need saving :p ignore Road to Woodbury, which messed up the continuity.

    and it's C-A-R-L-E-Y.
  • image

    Dat guy. He was awesome. A great and loyal person, seemed to pull his own weight unlike some others, and even in death he kept his vow to have Lee's back no matter what happens.
  • Lee. I wanted to see him develop more as a character with Clem.
  • Voted Mark, but if possible Larry.
    With Larry alive we could've avoided all that Lilly dementia.
    And I may just be a little biased towards Larry :D
  • Lee..
    Because even if some people whine about main characters having a plot shield or whatever the fuck they call it, it doesn't make sense to me that you would have to kill Lee of in Season 1. Then comes the whiners "DURP SHITTY ENDING MAIN CHARACTER DIDN'T DIE, THIS IS WALKING DEAD FUCKFACES EVERYONE DIES"

    Having Lee survive while fighting 40 walkers in stairs and dying from a bite is more likely killing off the character, if you whine about plot shields.
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