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You don't need to kill anyone

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You don't need to kill every character in the game to make it compelling. Many great movies/books don't kill any (Or at least not all) characters that you like and it is still compelling. Seriously, every character I liked (Except for Clementine and Molly (I liked the other ones that survived too but I was never attached to them) ) died. Mark, Kenny, Carley, Lee, even ben.
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  • dubesor wrote: »
    In a ZA more than 99% of the population die. It's no wonder that some survivors also die. It's a zombie apocalypse, not a bed of roses.

    Considering how frequently survivors meet each other I'd say at least 25 to 35% of the population live, but that slowly decreases after the initial outbreak.
  • No, 99% seems accurate - but I'd say that's more the endgame than the beginning...... remember, we're seeing an ongoing decline.
  • JakeSt123 wrote: »
    Considering how frequently survivors meet each other I'd say at least 25 to 35% of the population live, but that slowly decreases after the initial outbreak.

    Errr no. When Rick was in Atlanta, still pretty early after the outbreak -considering...- there was like 10 survivors. Make another 10 or heck even 20, 30 or hell 40 who were hiding. thats 50 out of 5.5 million. Nowhere near 30%.

    according to you there should have been 1.65 MILLIOn survivors in atlanta alone.
    don't be ridiculous.
  • I don't think 99% died. More like 95% of the population. But yea pretty much everyone.

    JakeSt123's statement that a third of the people is still alive however is more than laughable. this is clearly not the case in the walking dead universe.

    it would mean that in the walking dead universe every major city still had millions of survivors, which clearly is false.
  • For example, If there was a zombie apocalypse, you wouldn't want to be in New Jersey. Why? It's the most crowded city in America. And the government is telling people to go to the cities. Go there after a while and it'll still be crowded, it's just the citizens won't be as...lively.
  • Yea, generally it has been the best advice to stay out of cities or crowded places and go to more lonely small villages and the countryside in general. While the possibility of supplies might be seducing in big cities it generally proofed deadly to hang around for too long in these areas.

    and the government advising people to gather usually happens far earlier to when shit really hits the fan.
  • A zombie virus outbreak scenario plus being in The Walking Dead universe equals a high body-count.

    It's simply unavoidable.
  • Now I'm interested. Do you have a link?

    I don't but I believe Gary Whitta or someone else posted about it in the Questions for the Team thread, and also it was mentioned in one of the Playing Dead videos.
  • Ok, we wont kill anyone in the season 2! we can have kenny alive again and lee and clementine skipping off into a medow of flowers! and we can have christa and omids baby be the cure! and the St.Johns were just having a good ol' laugh too!

    And why not - At end game lee and clementine skip off into a sunset and find themselfs outside a home and it smells like hot dish night then... lee goes in and chet and all the other fallen people are sitting at a table and then the next day everybody realised Duck wasnt bit he was just coming down with a cold AND the bullet missed - Katjaa - she was learning a new move for a her dog at home! ( play dead ) and carley AND doug get married.

    Why not have BEN find the cure whilst your at it.

    and lets have Larry alive and well and it secretly turns out he is gay and loves lee.

    And the crew go to the swimming pool the next day!

    EDIT: Then Beatrice and Irene were bulletproof!

    When everyone we ever met on our travels sits down to eat - there is a knock on the door, Its lilly and a few zombies too! they all sit down and eat and lee gives the zombies a cinderella doll!
    then the zombies stand up and leave and lilly sees her dad after the zombies leave and its a typical running to eachover in a sunset field and hugging scene! Then lilly says '' i love you, Dad. ''

    Larry then replies - I know, i have charm coming out of my ass!
    then The St.Johns and maybelle AND maybelles baby laugh until the neighbours - Jolene and danelle complain!
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