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Need to fill up this plot hole here...

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Ok so in episode 3 "They Stole Max's Brain"! The beginning part of the episode is left somewhat unclear. Is THIS the sequence of events:
1) Sam leaves for the washroom -- as stated at the closing scene of EP2, he had to go to a train station's bathroom.
2) While Sam is gone, Max watches the fourth reel.
3) Anton Papierwaite -- fused with Yog-Soggoth at this time, somehow finds the devil's toybox in the basement and steals it.
4) Upon the toybox being stolen, General Skun-ka'pe is freed from the penal zone.
5) Skun-ka'pe steals Max's brain.
6) Before Sam goes to confront the tourist, rat and sign spinner, General Skun-Ka'pe and Papierwaite have a fight with each other over the other's toy in front of the rat, tourist and sign spinner.

Now here's what I just NEED TO BE FULLLLY SURRE of. That "strangly-garbed man" that the touist/sign spinner/rat were talking about -- the one who "seemed to be carrying a box of some sort" -- that is Papierwaite right?

And the sequence of events I've listed is correct. right?:confused:

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