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Implied death of *****?

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During the early section of Episode 5 when the player is on the roof Lee, of the player chooses to look it, will notate some blood that can be found on the roof which runs off the side of the hospital and he comments that he or she got injured.This: should bring some light as to what I am talking about, go to 7:45.

So I wonder as to whether or not this comment on the blood hint at the death of Molly as there is the possibility that she may have been injured and perhaps she fell to her death from the Hospital roof following an incident regarding her travelling by the high ground. I am not saying that this is the case, but Molly's absence does make me entertain the idea.
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  • Eh, seems kind of farfetched and random. If they were trying to establish Molly's death they would have done it in a more obvious way instead of just showing some random bloody steps on a random roof. Not many people, if any at all (excluding you, apparently), would draw up that conclusion.

    I just figured that near the beginning of the apocalypse someone was writing a sign indicating that the hospital isn't safe, fell off the ladder while writing it and fucked up their legs as a result. They then figured they were totally screwed (they were in pain, trapped on a roof, and their legs were fucked) so they decided to just jump off to be done with it.

    "He or she walked away from whatever accident happened [at the unfinished sign]..."

    Or at least something along those lines.
  • people have said that it's the blood of the person that was painting the "No Help" sign on the wall. If you noticed, the "p" wasn't done and the ladder was on the ground, and it could be that a walker sneaked up on the painter
  • Err, what makes you think it was Molly? There is absolutely zero indication of that. Besides, Molly is not the type of person that would take the time and ressources to paint a wall to inform others... her attitude was totally different as you saw when you met her and she wouldn't help you at first claiming she isn't responsible for anyone but herself.

    To me thing looked just like in the comics and tvshow. It was probably painted very early after the outbreak when people were still seeking help, so some survivor who went to the hospital left this message for others to see that they shouldn't search for help at the hospital.
  • Why would Molly pain the sign? If you pay attention, there's white paint mixed in with the blood, implying that the person walked through the spilled, wet pain on their way to the edge. It was the person who wrote the sign sometime when Savannah was being overrun.
  • Apologies, I was only looking at the blood and I did not take the paint into consideration, my judgement being made purely on the basis that Molly tends to travel by the high ground.
  • That part was so twisted it made me chuckle, I don't think it was Molly who took that nasty fall.
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