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Family Guy thread

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Hi everyone, I made this thread so everyone can talk about what i think is one of the funniest series. You can talk about anything Family guy like the characters , episodes,the movie (Stewie Griffin the untold story), the games and anything Family Guy related. Also expect Darth Marsden to come in this thread to inform us about the new Family Guy game :D.
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  • There was a Family Guy Online?
  • After playing Family Guy Time Warped for the Ipad, I will say it's pretty fun and has some nice references to episodes for example at the end of level 3 boss Stewie will start talking to Brian with a walkie talkie and ends the talk by saying ''It's important to say over on a walkie talkie'' and then it shows a video of the scene where Brian and Stewie are trying to fix up a house from the episode Peter's Daughter.
  • ryannumber1gamer;751222 said:
    for example at the end of level 3 boss Stewie will start talking to Brian with a walkie talkie and ends the talk by saying ''It's important to say over on a walkie talkie''
    The original walkie talkie conversation's in Back to the Multiverse. Like, verbatim. *sigh*
  • You really don't like Back to the Multiverse do you?
  • It could, and should, have been so much better than the utterly generic and boring game it ended up as.

    Also, I swear every single soundbite played during a level that's not directly related to the plot (and hell, even a few that are) is taken STRAIGHT from the TV show. Every. Single. One.
  • But what are the main points that make it bad? I watched a few levels on Youtube and it didn't look that bad.
  • The gameplay is incredibly generic and gets old very, very fast, as does the 'humour', which really isn't all that funny and exists more for shock value than anything else (a bit like the show then - zing!). The weapons are mostly useless and the ones that aren't are all wielded by Brian (I swear, apart from one brief section in the second level you don't even need Stewie at all in this game), the level design is average at best, the constant soundbites wear old quick and it's, mercifully, very short, being around 6-8 hours. Finally, the additional challenges are absurdly basic and require very little thought or effort, and the whole experience felt half-arsed.

    Additionally, the PC port is very lazy, with only 6 or so resolution options, none of which fit my monitor, so the whole game looked awful, like it had a weird haze to it. The controls are... questionable, and I didn't even know you could check your objectives until I went and checked the options menu.

    I'd have been much more forgiving if it were a downloadable game, since a lot of those issues are common amongst the 'genre', if you will. Unfortunately, it got a £40/$60 retail release. And it's not worth half that.
  • I wish Activision would have shown more of it. It was shown at E3 with some screenshots then we didn't hear about it till it was like a few weeks before it was meant to be out and again i think those were only screenshots then finally the trailer came ether the day before it came out or when the game came out.
  • DAISHI;750347 said:
    It's badly done Vaudeville style humor. That is all.
    Did someone say Vaudeville!?

    Personally, I'm tired of the show. I don't really feel like there's any difference in quality since it returned from the dead, just that the "hey this reminds me of the time I [random past tense action] with [random pop culture reference]" schtick has sort of worn out it's welcome. I wouldn't say I hate it, it doesn't make me auto-change the channel or anything, but I'm hardly ever psyched to see it anymore either.
  • Darth Marsden;751094 said:
    There was a Family Guy Online?

    It's so....awful.
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