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Game of the year? Are you serious?

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I had never heard of the walking dead game before reading an article sayiń it had won a game of the year award. Intrigued, PAID MONEY to download the first three episodes on my Xbox. (Again stressing i paid money)

I've enjoyed the storyline and the visuals of this game(when it's actually worked) but I don't think I've ever played a game filed with more glitches and bugs in my life. How does this company release such a shoddy product to the public? Have they no professional pride? It's like apple with their maps app.

The latest hit is the game randomly restarting me from the very beginning when I try to load a previous game from episode 4. I don't want reload the game do xyz in this or that order and giggle the handle to fix the game. I paid money for this and i just expect it TO WORK. I'm so frustrated with this game I don't even want to play it anymore.
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  • OK THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME, i personally consider it in my top 5 fav video games but unfortunatly it does have a lot of glitches like now that i finished all 5 episodes on PC episode 2 doesn't work it goes black screen with an axe SPOILER:(of which you use in episode 2)
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