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Kenny dead or alive? (massively merged threads)

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Am I the only one who thinks, that Kenny just might survived? I saw both ways, but none of them actually showed his dead. And in the ending reviews, it says, that we "lost him in a group of walkers".

So is he dead?
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  • AceStarr wrote: »
    ha ha ha Carley is alive dammit...she just has a headach LOL:D

    Proberly the worst hangovers in history;)
  • Kiel555 wrote: »
    He was swarmed by walkers with no where to go after giving Christa a boost out of that death trap. Forget about him. He's gone.

    tyrese was swarmed when he was cleaning out the gym
  • Well, after watching the scene in the alleyway with Ben a few times, I actually noticed that after Kenny shoots Ben he starts to run, which leads me to think he's still alive. Also, on sources I've read it's saying he's possibly dead- which means he has a chance, and he was an important character, so I doubt his death will be off screen. I think he'll be in Season 2.
  • Of course he may be dead - but he's not "dead for sure". That scene was ambiguous for a reason.
  • Next season, Molly Kenny and Clementine. Remember you heard it here first!
  • There's no way he lived. He's obviously dead as he's swarmed by hundreds of walkers. Also, Omid and Chrissa are on the lookout at the top. If they knew Kenny got away, they would've mentioned it.
  • Mabye he used the shot to attract those zombies to a certain area for his escape?
  • kierano87 wrote: »
    Mabye he used the shot to attract those zombies to a certain area for his escape?

    +1 LOL!!! You are a funny cunt. ^^
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