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Kenny dead or alive? (massively merged threads)

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Am I the only one who thinks, that Kenny just might survived? I saw both ways, but none of them actually showed his dead. And in the ending reviews, it says, that we "lost him in a group of walkers".

So is he dead?
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    I don't know why we don't have any option to save kenny in there. lee could drop down and help christa and kenny.lee was bitten so he will die anyway. he could save kenny.
    I can't accept kenny's death.
  • I don't know why Kenny wanted to stay behind anyway.Ben may have been conscious, unlike Larry, but pull him off the metal impaling him, he's dead. We can't do major surgery or anything. I would say there was more of a chance of Larry surviving than Ben. Shooting Ben, so he wouldn't get eaten would be enough. I kept trying to interact with the door over and over xd
  • If TTG let Kenny survive, but killed Lee even if you chopped off the arm, I will personally burn down their office.
  • If zombified or alive, I think we will see Kenny in the next episode if it is about Clem.
    Anyway, like I have already said, here it isn't sure that he is really dead. Yes in a "realistic" ZA he would be surely dead but in every action film he would have survived in a miraculous way and the Walking Dead universe is a action drama horror ZA ;)
  • Oh my god they killed Kenny, you bastards. Sorry, I just wanted to say that for the entire season. But yea, Kenny is dead.
  • Here we go again, kenny joins carley as the 2 people that we believe is still alive even though they couldnt have survived.
  • kirby18;729385 said:
    All I have to say about this is : He is dead. Telltale has done a really really really really good job about being realistic. While virtually everyone has claimed molly, lilly, carly, and now kenny is coming back - they arent. Kenny was in a non win situation anyway possible. If hes alive telltale loses the one thing that i think seperates them from other games which is being realistic (ofcourse in a zombie apocalypse) while also giving a great story. So kenny is dead.
    Lilly is supposed to be in the book "rise of the governor"
  • Leegacy;729813 said:
    tyrese was swarmed when he was cleaning out the gym
    Didn't Tyrese have a melee weapon of some kind? Kenny certainly didn't.
  • It doesn't matter if he's still alive. He was bitten! And a bigger bite than the one who got us (Lee) sick. I also believe that he was eaten by the walkers, like many here, but it's pointless if he's still alive or not. He's dead anyway.
  • Luigi01080;730201 said:
    Here we go again, kenny joins carley as the 2 people that we believe is still alive even though they couldnt have survived.
    wtf? carley was shot in the head, kenny disappeared and it means they just didn't want to tell us if he's dead or not. Same for lily and molly.
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