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Why doesn't telltale patch its games?

posted by Juanique99 on - last edited - Viewed by 279 users

I really love Telltale games, I've played Monkey Island, Back to the Future and The Walking Dead so far.

The thing is that Telltale games are quite buggy. I can live with that, I'm a software developer so I can play around with files and drivers and stuff to make things work, and I have a lot of patience to deal with that kind of stuff.

But it has happened to me more than once that I recommend a game to a friend, they have some really annoying bugs (specially with TWD not carrying over their decisions between episodes) and they just don't know what to do. Sometimes I can help, others I just have no idea what to do (specially when they have completely different systems than mine).

And some of the bugs usually are quite old, I search trough the forums and I find people with the same issues from months ago. So my question is... why doesn't telltale patch their games? I've never... ever... seen a patch for a telltale game.

Will customer support get better? will they start patching games? should I just stop recommending telltale games to my friends because I'm tired dealing with problems they have?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Juanique99;749221 said:
    why doesn't telltale patch their games? I've never... ever... seen a patch for a telltale game.
    In the past, instead of offering a patch for download, they released a new installer when issues were fixed. This was only announced in the Forums though, and therefore hard to notice for the public.

    I do remember that happening for BTTF, ToMI and Puzzle Agent, Poker Night, Sam&Max and there were probably more.

    With the recent games, such as TWD, patches are downloaded automatically on startup. There were several patches for TWD already.
    Easiest way to see them is to look at the filenames in
    \Steam\SteamApps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default
    %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\SyncFs\Data\WalkingDead101PatchFs
    depending on where you bought the game.

    If you look closely at the support forum, you will also notice some threads with requests for information in order to reproduce and track down bugs, and confirmations that patches are being worked on, or already released.

    I am not saying that every issue that has been found in any of the games has been fixed, but there definitely have been several updates in the past, especially for gamebreaking bugs.

    If you have any problems to troubleshoot, you are always welcome to post them here in the support forum.
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