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Telltale Walking Dead Series Sales update?

posted by DatDude on - last edited - Viewed by 344 users
I know when the first episode was released, the sales were up to the million mark and counting and was already herald as the most successful telltale game to date.

That said, being nearly 6 months later, and all the episodes being released, and the retail version being released, can someone from telltale give us a sales update?
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  • telltale? hello? are the sales really not all that good? if not, than why are you guys keeping mum :/
  • Because they don't owe us an answer?
  • Well I for one would be interested to know! i would write it in my diary and become telltales (un)offical accountant and banker AND sales expert extrodinare!
  • DreadMagus;749924 said:
    Because they don't owe us an answer?
    they don't, but every other gaming company does announce to the media with a sales chart, and how much units were moved, copies were sold.

    I love telltale, and I know this industry is a cruel mistress. When I heard that the walking dead was it's best selling effort to date, I became incredibly happy and ecstatic.

    I was hoping that the sales progressed even more so..but it feels like they haven't, because usually when a game does good sales the developer/publisher likes to boast about seems not to be.
  • Don't assume the worst.
  • Maybe they're not the type who likes to show off their numbers like the others, then.

    Humility: A modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness.

    Or they have some other reason to not divulge that information...:confused:
  • Telltale typically don't give out sales data, and the occasional times that they have it tends to be vague and general.
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