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Changes to the Game

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I have noticed that, over time, the game has been changed. Most notably (so far):

- The options to rescue Duck in Episode 1 are very different. In my first playthrough, I was able to do a lot more than what is allotted now. I could try to put the tractor into reverse and get it off Shawn, pull Duck several times, until Kenny finally shows up, takes Duck, and runs off. What's more is I was able to try and pull Shawn with all my might until the zombies finally break brought and bite him. A recent playthrough revealed to me that all of these options were boiled down to one action which is followed by Kenny saving Duck and Shawn getting bitten.
- In Episode 2, when Duck gets a whiff of the foul odors in the barn, Clem just responds with "doody," instead of whatever it is you said inside Herschel's barn.

I'm not sure what else has been altered, but these stuck out so far. Has anyone else noticed changes to the game like this? I've heard that there were some changes because console gamers were overwhelmed with options (which is understandable, considering their mode of play), but I wanted to know if anyone else noticed changes.
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