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Brazilian subtitles

posted by rodrigorenzo on - Viewed by 256 users
After playing The Walking Dead, I came here with a sugestion: Brazil is the 4th on the market for buying games now in the world, a market that moves about R$1 billion per year, so, since brazilian portuguese is our native language and that´s not all of us who can speak english or other languages, WHY NOT BRAZILIAN SUBTITLES?

It will not cost much to you guys to hire a translator to do it in text so you can add as a patch to your game, and you can download it on Xbox live, Pc and PSN and change it in options.

Do you know how much your market share would increase? and I know you could do it with the other awesome titles you guys have.

I myself could translate all the dialogues if you guys wanna hire me, think about that.

Thank your for listening. my email is [email][/email] or [email][/email]
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