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Episodes 2-5 download not starting issue - Solution

posted by wizball6502 on - Viewed by 374 users
After playing through the first episode of The Walking Dead I have bought the in-game package deal of the remaining episodes 2-5. When I clicked on the "Purchased" link to download the 2nd episode it stated 0.00% for about 1 minute and then came up with a message that I should check the connection. The same happened with the other episodes. Resetting and re-installing the game did not help either. :mad:

I have been searching this forum and have found users with the exact same problem not being able to download the episodes but have not seen any wise resolution for it. :confused:

Well, just before I wanted to claim my money back via iTunes I remembered that I had once changed my router's DNS settings to OpenDNS servers. I changed the DNS settings back to "automatically from Internet provider" and guess what? It downloaded! To 100.00% - Installed!

Don't know if the parental protection of OpenDNS servers blocked the connection between iPad and TellTale servers, however, changing the DNS settings on my router did do the trick for me! Yay! :D
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