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TWD: Save issue

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I purchased the walking dead over XBL awhile ago. However, last night I tried to start a new file. Everything was going well and me and Clementine were getting along swell. Eventually, I turned off the game and returned to it with no issues. My save was working fine. Yet, after the second time I left the game and returned. There was no save file. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the one thing that changed between the first and second time I tried, was an update. This was the evening/early morning of Dec. 17/18. After multiple attempts to begin again, I gave up. There was no way for me to save my game anymore. Any help would be appreciated. I was using a black slim xbox elite, with a 250G (questionable) integrated hard drive with 50+ Gigs left available. When I exited the game I used the pause, exit game option on the games main menu. All of this was in episode 1, I never beat episode 1 and tried to go to ep. 2. Just couldnt get the game to save my file. This is the downloaded version, not the disc.

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