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Do I need to watch the show/read the comics to play this?

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So I played the demo on PSN a few months ago and thought it was pretty cool. I'd always wanted to get into the show/comics and recently got the first two seasons of the show on DVD but haven't got around to watching yet. So should I watch the show before playing the game or can I just jump into it?
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  • Nope, you do not. It takes place with an entirely separate group, so anyone can drop in and play the game with no prior knowledge of The Walking Dead's TV and Comic series.
  • You can just jump into it.

    There are a couple characters that appear in both the game and the series (and I presume the comics, which I haven't read), but they don't have very large roles in the game. Also the protagonist in the game is meeting those characters before the main protagonist in the series does, so at best you are just getting a glimpse of a little bit of their backstory in the game. The game also primarily focuses on characters that aren't in the series.

    Also there aren't really any big series spoilers in the game. The only one is perhaps the causes of someone becoming a zombie, but that reveal isn't really that big of a deal.

    You can watch the series and play the game in any order (or simulataneously) without either one spoiling or ruining the other. They are pretty much seperate character stories in the same universe.
  • The game is set solely in the comic book universe, but takes place prior to the events of its storyline. There are a couple of characters from it in the game, but you need no prior knowledge of them and nothing they do/encounter really spoils anything.
  • You don't have to at all. Like some people said, there are a few characters from the comic in the game, but you don't need any knowledge of any other Walking Dead media to get into or enjoy the game or understand what's going on.

    That shouldn't stop you from actually getting into the comics or show. Both of them are excellent and you should definitely try them out because they have some good stories to enjoy.
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