Will the rest of S&M Season 3 and W&G's Grand Adventures ever come to Ipad?

I know this should be in the S&M fourms or the W&G fourms but since this is about 2 different TTG games i decided to make the thread here. I'm wondering if TTG will ever bring the rest of these seasons to the Ipad. For Wallace & Gromit for some reason they put Ep 2 out first and didn't put any other episodes out and for S&M they put out Ep 1 but didn't put out the rest of the season. They put S&M Season 2 out on Ipad and they did bring the rest of Tales Of Monkey Island on Ipad. So i was wondering was there any chance of W&G and S&M season 3 getting the rest of their episodes on Ipad. Also will TTG's games ever be ported to Android?


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