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360 retail disc problems!

posted by Vndin on - Viewed by 158 users
Hey guys, Ive emailed a couple of times already and gotten no answers or for that matter anything other than a cut and paste email back. I was looking forward to this game for quite some time and after purchasing it at a local Game Stop location here in Cincinnati I took the game home and popped in the disc. The game is lagging and the graphics glitch and jump during game play to the point that the game is UNPLAYABLE!
I am not hooked up to xbox live and was wondering if there is a fix coming for those of us who are having this problem??
Game Stop will not allow me to return the game because its "knowingly defective " and they dont trade in bad games... (complete B.S. I might add since the game is brand new and was purchased at their store... sell me a bad game and you should take it back.)
Looks like instead of a great game play experience with purchase I simply over paid for a plastic coaster w/ a walking dead logo on it...

Not pleased, not at all.
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