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How did the stranger get to savanna before the group

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How did the stranger get to Savanna before the group. I know the group had the train but the stranger used his car. You would had thought he would encounter alot of obstacles across the way. Blocked roads with lot of cars. Walkers. Also how did he get into the Marsh House when it was blocked with tons of walkers.:eek:
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  • he was carrying his wife's reanimated head...maybe it cloaked his scent like what Michonne did in the comics / TV show by dragging around 2 walkers on a chain.

    just guessing
  • Have no idea how he got to Savannah before the train, I'm assuming he went ahead to find Clementine's parents to use against Lee and Clementine or he was just lucky and got there before the train considering how many stops it did, and how long it got working. And for the walkers in front of the hotel thing, it's likely the place was clear when he first arrived, and when Lee's group first arrived (when he appeared in front of the house when Lee was burying the boy), since the walkers in front of the Marsh House were from the herd who came into the city at the end of Episode 4, and by this time he was probably already set up in his hotel room with Clementine locked away, waiting for Lee to come.
  • Yeah, he had a car. It's much easier to maneuver around obstacles with a car than it is with the train, and the train made two stops along the way. Plus, he started talking to Clementine at the end of episode 2, so he could have had a little under a week to get there before Lee's group even left if he wanted to.
  • Two nights passed from the time the group left motel and they walked into Savannah. He had plenty of time to get there. And he got to savannah ahead of the herd of walkers. The herd showed up at the end of EP 4 when he already had Clem.
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