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Sam & Max and Wallace & Gromit Ipad 4 problems.

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 760 users
Hi i brought Sam & Max Ep 1 The Penal Zone and Wallace & Gromit The last resort and other TTG games during the sale on Itunes. The rest of the games are working fine but i've been having problems with these 2 games. They both have sound problems where the sound keeps cutting out. Sam & Max keeps freezing ether when Max is using one of the toys to turn into a plant or right after Max transforms into a bazooka to blast Skunkape back into the penal zone. Wallace & Gromit has sound problems and i have gotten to Chapter 3 House of Horrors and i'm on the part where you have to dress Mrs.Flints dogs into the sailor costumes to trick Major Crum into being the witness. But after picking out the 3 parts for the sailor costume, the thing you have to hit so you can exit out of Mrs.Flint's costume trunk won't come up so i'm stuck in the costume trunk.

Edit:The thing to exit Mrs.Flint's costume trunk in W&G Ep 2 came up and i finally got past the part. But there's still sound problems and S&M still keeps freezing.

Another Edit:Also forgot to mention that in S&M Ep 1 that i have to keep starting a new game when the game freezes because when i load a game, The joystick does not come up and all you can do is tap stuff.
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