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Did you mantain your morals?

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Majority of the people have had a chance to play episode 5 and finish the game at this stage. And I ask you, through each of the respective five episodes, were you the ideal moralist? (if you started as one at all)

After recapping a lot of the major ethical decisions across each episode, I found that not shooting the lady that was screaming to be helped from the attacking walkers was what got me. From the previous events in episode 2, my only focus was keeping the group going after the traumatising encounters with the cannibals. I instantly regretted it once I heard the woman's deadly screams as I gathered supplies from the store.

Would anyone like to share their experience?
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  • Yes, but I know that it isn't correct to the survival. Maybe it was bacause of I cared of Clementine? I don't even know. This game are real psychological test.
  • I didn't feel bad for leaving the girl on the streets or strangling the stanger and leaving him to reanimate. No remorse.
    The girl was basically dead already and brought that on herself. It's not my business to shoot a random girl screaming on the streets.
  • I did what I had to. Killing two men who endangered he only friends Lee had in the godforsaken world, leaving an already dead girl in the streets, they may have been the only faults I made, but I still regret them.
  • Morality sort of faded away around episode 3 for me.
  • I went for tough love with this group. I did everything I could to make sure everyone survived, wether they liked it or not.
  • In real life I'm a very honest person. In the game, I lied when I thought it would serve me better. But I didn't consider any of the other choices I made as immoral, even when I killed people. It was done to protect others, which is much closer to self defense than it is to murder.
  • Ya i did choose the choices i wanted but i feel like they wouldnt be the right choices if trying to survive and left with little options. (saved doug, didnt take food, spared both brothers, let lily back in the rv, fought kenny, brought clementine, saved ben, took everyone but ben to look for vernon, kept arm, calmly fought kenny, climbed across the sign first, told christa and omid i would meet with them later, told campman about lee's past with his wife, apologized for the groups actions, had clementine hit him with meat cleaver, Choked campman to death, had clementine shoot lee.)
  • Yes. I focus on saving everyone i can, no matter the individual. There's no room for vengeance in my Lee's mind. I hold on to the idea that morality is our last piece of humanity left in this world, and if we lose it, we will slowly but surely become another family of St. Johns or a pack of bandits, whether we realize it or not.
  • Didn't kill the brothers, shot the girl in the street, helped Larry, saved Ben, shot Duck and the boy in the attic, etc. So yeah, I more or less kept up my moral standards. That's of course just on my first playthrough. Other times I didn't think twice about breaking my moral code, because it's just a game and I wanted to see what would happen.
  • Well I left the St Johns alive (but only to make them suffer), I left some girl to die, I killed a few bandits and "stole" from an abandoned car. I think my morals were mantained.
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