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Walking Dead Episode 5 Question

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So I have just finished the final episode of the Walking Dead and it's been amazing but I'm still a little stumped on somethings. I know this looks like a very long question but please stick it out and read it, and your response/opinion on the matter woul be great, so hear goes. at the Marsh House, shortly after killing the creep that took Clementine, you go to leave the room, but come face-to-face with a walker. The walker, strangeley did not attack lee, and hesitated, shortly before being shot by lee. So, why didnt he attack lee? Maybe its just a slow zombie? My theory is that walkers have some memory left after turning into zombies, like when that doctor on th walking dead show, season 3 tests weather they still have memory after transformiation to a zombie. though the old guy still attacked the doctor, i still think maybe they do have a little intelegence afterwards. also on the show, on season 1 episode 1, a black dude and his son where surviving in thier house and there wife/mother which was a walker, started to turn the door handle of thier house. So why would she still know how to work a door handle, and where she used to live. So back to the game, perhaps that particular walker lived in that appartment before death and wanted to revisit his room. Or maybe all that was a loada shit and he was just a slow zombie.
I you had been bothered to read all that im suprised, but if so please comment on what you think of the strange not-aggresive walker. Also your oprediction for the 2nd season would be great thanks
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  • 1.This belongs in the TWD fourms.

    2.Lee explains it's because of him killing the zombies on his way to The Marsh House and now he smells like a zombie so the other zombies think he is one. That's why the zombie does not attack Lee and tries to get Clem.
  • Oh right yeah, and sorry only just made account so didnt know where to post anything.
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