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"Generate story decisions for skipped episodes?", but I haven't skipped anything.

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Hey, folks.

I was playing part 4, and was pretty close to finishing it. The thing is that I missclicked on a choice, and it did something I didn't want it to.

So I went back to the main menu and tried to play it again, but the game continued at a save point after said choice was made. Luckily, I had an earlier copy of the save file, so I copied it and pasted it over the screwed up choice file (so I now have 2 save files with my proper responses) and then clicked on CONTINUE.

It gives me the message "Generate story decisions for skipped episodes?", but l haven't skipped anything. The same happens for both files. Does this mean the game is going to forget everything I have chosen up till this point? I would go back to the chapter with the wrong choice and just deal with it, but like I said, it's overwritten. Horray.

Help is really, really appreciated :(. Also, note that I haven't actually played these files that give me the message, so I can't tell if the game did or did not carry my earlier responses, but I don't want to find out a bad way, like getting a totally incoherent finale or something. I'm playing it on PC, downloaded from official store (not steam).

Thanks in advance.
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  • Next time you should use the 'rewind' function. You could have just quit, and rewinded 1 chapter. As for your problem: I have no idea.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    If your system supports it, you can try the "restore previous version" feature (right click, "properties", "restore previous version") on the files you overwrote, or if that doesn't work, on the entire savegame folder.
  • Hey, thanks for your replies. I ended up replaying it all, finished it today.

    Dubesor (is your name based off "Debaser" by Pixies? because mine is too, heh), there was no way I could have predicted the game's copy/paste function wouldn't work properly, so yeah.
    DjNB, you're a volunteer working during the holidays? Thanks man :).
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