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Play as Zombie Lee in Season 2?

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Here's an idea for the next TWD game.

Ok, so maybe Clem deliberately missed when shooting Lee in the Season 1 Finale, as she couldn't bear the thought of killing him. Lee dies & becomes a walker.

In Season 2, what if Lee was still the main character? Playing the game as Lee, your mission would be to trace the source of any noises/movements, and ultimately find, eat and turn all of your surviving Season 1 group members into walkers.

You'll be faced with some agonizing decisions, like:
"Eat Christa or Omid?" (you can only choose one).

The autosave feature must return, for those times when you get shot or stabbed in the head unexpectedly. You'll be able to scavenge for protection, finding special hidden items like SWAT team helmets to keep you safe from those fresh-blooded pricks!

And think of the endless multiple choice options for dialogue!

B. (Heavy breathing)
C. Uuuuuuuuuuh...
D. ...

Not to mention the dramatic tension your choices will cause.

* You made [insert name here] feel scared.
* [Insert name here] picked up on that.
* You chose not to side with [insert name here].
*[Insert name here] thinks you smell.

GOTY 2014, we comin' for you, sucka! :cool:
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