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[TWD/MAC] Cant find the Telltale Games folder on my macbook

posted by bossen on - last edited - Viewed by 681 users
Hey. I've recently bought TWD, but cant download new episodes. I'm trying to download episode 2, but it stops at 99%. I want to try the unofficial workaround, but that includes moving some files from and to this folder, which I cant find. It should be in /library/app support etc but it's not in there. Does anyone know how to find it?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    It is indeed in /Library/Application Support/, but there are (at least) two such folders on anyone's Mac (a general one and a user specific one).
    To reach the one with the Telltale Games directory, click on (in order): Macintosh HD, Users, the directory with your user name (or whichever user installed the game), and then, Library and Application Support.
    Some of those folders might be hidden (I had to reveal hidden files before I could get to the Library directory, iirc).
    To reveal hidden files in Lion or Mountain Lion, follow the instructions from this page.
  • got it, thanks
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