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Mission: Saving Ben

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Seriously... there were so many characters i thought i was gona do all i could to protect and try to keep til the end, like at the farm i picked the farmers son= can't save him.

I tried to keep Lilly til the end = Impossible even when you take her along or even tell her that your going to join her, and than Ben.. Ben had been around since the start of Episode 2 and i had got to know him and Kenny a whole lot but than these 2 hate each other, or Kenny mostly. And even after saving him he just ... DIES..

I really fucking hate how my choices don't matter other than characters sticking around for 1 episode or other dialogue etc but i really hope that in walking dead 2 there will be an entire different game by how you choose.. not "Clementine's hair will be seen short for the rest of the game"

I still fucking love the game i was literally crying when Benny lost his son when i had treated him and his family like shit through the whole story til than, i have never actually cared about character in a video game this much since Silent Hill 2.
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