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Episode 3 download issues

posted by hojason on - last edited - Viewed by 377 users
I think this issue is similar to others are experiencing, but my case is slightly different, so I figured I'd start a new thread in case the cause is different:

I dl'd episode 3 yesterday and played up to Chapter 5 before putting the game down for the day. This morning went back in and noticed that the game didn't recognize that I'd dl'd episode three anymore: when I go into my save game to continue playing, rather than a "play" button, the "get" button shows up.

When I try to dl episode 3 again, I get the same "connection lost" message that others have reported here. Funny thing is, I then tried to download episodes 4 and 5 and they went through no problems: took 15 minutes for the both of them to dl--but episode three wont even start downloading before it says the connection is lost.

Only thing I think to try is to delete the game altogether, but I'd prefer not to as I assume I will lose my save game in that case. Anyone found a way around this yet?
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