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Episode 5 save game issue

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TL;DR : My save was deleted, I can't access Episode 5 at all (see video link) and I don't want to replay 1-4 so as a solution I would like a code for PC so I can import a save.

I had the save game bug for episode 4 and lost my save, while retaining my second (wife's) save. I delayed replaying 4 until yesterday (12/25) to allow TTG time to release an update that would fix this issue. I did download an update upon bootup yesterday.

I replayed 4, noticed that my choices were not imported (Kenny did not join my final group), but wanted to finish so I compromised and finished anyway. I shut down my Xbox for an hour to run an errand. Came back to finish 5, selected the episode and what played was episode 1. Same story as the episode 4 bug.

Here is video I took last night of what happens.

At this point, I am locked out of content I paid for (episode 5). Even if I choose to not import my choices, which I feel is the main draw of this game, I cannot finish this game.

The solution I am seeking is a steam code for the game so I can import a save that mimics my choices and I can finish this game. I feel this is fair to TTG and myself as they are not issuing a refund and losing money and I am able to finish the game with my choices.

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  • Ok I looked at the video you posted. I have had the same problem as well and I found a work around solution until this gets fixed.

    For example, You are 10 minutes into episode 4 and you exit the game. When you try and load the save file up, just copy the file from one slot onto another, so you will end up with two of the same saved files. Now load one of them up and it will most likely start from episode 1 again. Just go to the main menu and
    re copy the saved file from episode 4 onto the second slot again and keep repeating these steps until the file for episode 4 starts up. It only takes about 4-5 tries for it to work. This will start up from exactly the last save point. You have to do this every time you want to load the game file up.

    Unfortunately (to my knowledge) there isnt a way to get back the saved data lost so you are going to either have to start again or pick the episode you want and continue with the pre choices picked for you.
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