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In-game content download doesn't work

posted by alvinsch on - last edited - Viewed by 214 users
I purchased all the episodes of The Walking Dead, I just finished the first episode, and I've been trying to download the second episode through the game but it is insanely slow, and the fact that I don't have the fastest connection right now doesn't help (2mb/s). Regular downloads (outside the game) are a lot faster, so I wonder if there's a way to download the rest of the episodes without launching the game. (I'm a mac user).

Thanks a lot for your help.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I posted an unofficial way of downloading the episodes outside of the game in this thread.

    Doing it manually is a lot of work, so i recommend using the python script, which does most of the work for you.
    It doesn't show the download progress for each file, but you might be able to see the filesize grow as it downloads.
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