Hallmart Delorean ornament is 40% off

now that the holidays are over Hallmark stores have ALL of their ornaments for 40% off. I picked up the Delorean time machine ornament and it was only 11 bucks with tax so if you do not have one, get to your nearest store and grab one. the girl I talked to said 2 weeks later they all drop to 50% off, but the Delorean may be gone by then. so just a little heads up for those who do not have this VERY cool ornament, I plan on just putting it on my desk next to my 1/68 scale Hot Wheels Delorean :).



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    I have one as well. It's hanging on the tree next to my Hallmark Ecto-1 ornament and my TARDIS with a Santa hat, but as soon as I take the tree down it's going on my 1/18th Scale and Smaller shelf. It's a pretty cool little car, but my only gripe is the wire on the side follows the wheelwell and doesn't go up into the deck. They must have used Diamond Select or Sunstar as a reference.
  • they should have put the wheels up to give the illusion that it was flying
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    Ah, but it's the BttF1 version. No Mr. Fusion.
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    a week after I bought it the same store had them for 50% off so I bought another one to give to a buddy of mine who is just as much a BTTF fanboy as I am, he was SO happy he has his on his TV stand in front of his TV, mine is on my desk next to my hot wheels Delorean.
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